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Now you can experience the power of High Energy Inductive Therapy.
Pain is one of the most increasing health issues in the world. Studies suggest that around 20% of adults suffer from pain.
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Treatment with emFieldPro

Combined application - static and dynamic

Very often, pain is not evenly distributed in the treatment area. With many pain syndromes, maximum points such as trigger or pain points lie within the painful region. Trigger points and principal pain points are treated statically whilst other painful areas are treated dynamically With combined treatment, care should be taken to ensure that static therapy is initially applied to the pain and trigger points. Extensive treatment can then be continued with dynamic application.

Static treatment

Use for static treatments the large applicator, which is mounted on the applicator arm. Pain points and trigger points for static treatment are initially palpated. The treatment is then administered with the power output. Every pain point or trigger point is treated. It should be borne in mind that trigger points frequently lie outside the pain area.

Dynamic treatment

Use for dynamic treatments the medium applicator. No direct skin contact is needed. If skin contact is desired, make sure the skin is dry and clean.
Pain or treatment zones are initially palpated. The treatment is administered with the power output. Make sure the whole treatment zone is treated.

Treatment energy and time

The maximum energy to be transmitted should be not higher then mentioned in the treatment recommendations. Nevertheless make sure never to use higher energy then the patient can endure.
The minimum course of treatment is two sessions per week.

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